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Hotel Hyundai by Lahan Mokpo, where the scenic beauty of Dadohae
and Yeongam Lake spread out before your eyes,
is a luxury hotel representing the southwest of Korea that
provides various facilities and high-class service
for leisure and business.

Business & Travel
 Good place to play

Good place to play

Hotel Hyundai by Lahan Mokpo is at the heart of Jeonnam, located 30 minutes
to an hour away from the major tourist spots of the province,
such as Jindo, Haenam, Boseong, Wando and Wolchulsan.


Experience the elegant services offered by Hotel Hyundai by Lahan Mokpo,
from sophisticated and cozy rooms and restaurants presenting
a feast of diverse delicacies to sports and leisure facilities
to balance your body and soul as well as
luxurious banquet services.


Relaxation in spacious and cozy rooms

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A feast of delicacies
created with the know-how
of top chefs and carefully
selected ingredients

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Special experience
with premium services
and facilities

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Ultimate space for special occasions

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Hotel Hyundai by Lahan Mokpo is located right in front of Yeongam Lake and offers a stunning view, and is also close to major business areas including Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries.
91, Daebul-ro, Samho-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
+82.61.463.2233 (호텔 문의)
      +82.61.463.2233 (웨딩 문의)
      +82.2.2204.9600 (연회 및 단체 행사 문의)
Mokpo Station
By taxi,
about 20 minutes and approximately KRW 12,000.
Mokpo Port
By taxi,
about 30 minutes and approximately KRW 12,000.
From another area
Using KTX,
3 hours and 10 minutes

4 hours and 30 minutes

Sea World Ferries,
4 hours and 30 minutes