Enjoy a feast of delicacies in Namdo at the buffet
restaurant Topaz that is decorated in an exquisite
and modern style and features an incredible
view of the sea around Dadohae.


Enjoy a pleasant dining experience at Topaz that presents a feast of rich and abundant flavors.

The buffet restaurant Topaz offers you a feast of different flavors every day, including fresh dishes cooked with seasonal ingredients, various cuisines of the East and West, and dishes cooked on-the-spot by the chefs at the live station.

The restaurant has a private room for small family gatherings like birthdays or parties, as well as group events.

  • Breakfast

    Adult KRW 27,000 / Children KRW 17,000
  • Lunch

    Adult KRW 29,800 / Children KRW 22,000
  • Dinner

    Adult KRW 45,000 / Children KRW 28,000

From over 200 dishes cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients and live cooking sessions to the different promotional dishes presented every season, Topaz offers a feast of different delicacies every day.

Coffee shopSara

‘Sara’ is the ancient word for ‘heart’ in the Silla
Dynasty. Sara is a modern and sophisticated
coffee shop with a picturesque view of
Dadohae through the windows.