Lahan Hotel Jeonju provides unforgettable experiences with our varied facilities.

루프탑 야외 수영장 (온수풀)

Boasting views of Jeonju Hanok Village, the outdoor swimming pool is a one-of-a-kind space for water entertainments that can only be found at Lahan Hotel Jeonju. The outdoor swimming pool features not only cabanas and poolside bar facilities, but also sunbeds where you can see in one glance the whole area of Jeonju Hanok Village, providing the opportunity to relax amid the tranquility of the hanoks.


Jeonju Stroll is a book store&cafe located inside Lahan Hotel Jeonju. Jeonju Stroll offers a wide range of carefully curated books as well as design props, collaborative artwork exhibitions and Jeonju Stroll's signature food & beverage menu items including Jeonla Ale.

피트니스 센터

Lahan Hotel Jeonju's gym, which is fitted out with the latest fitness equipment from premium fitness equipment maker Technogym, consists of a variety of zones, including a weight training zone, aerobics zone, and stretching zone. Experience true wellness in this space specially reserved for our guests.


Featuring a luxurious interior, the men's and women's saunas are fitted out with a variety of facilities including relaxing bathing facilities, private shower spaces and private powder rooms. Relieve your day's fatigue at Lahan Hotel saunas, which boast optimum temperatures, the best water quality, and refreshing facilities.

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