Experience even more special banquets in the banquet halls of varying sizes.


Lahan Hotel Jeonju provides specialized banquet facilities and services for a variety of large-scale international events, conferences, seminars, dinner shows and celebratory events. Lahan Hotel Jeonju's differentiated banquet services are guaranteed to add elegance and value to your event.



The Ongoeul Hall is Lahan Hotel Jeonju's representative banquet hall where you can hold a variety of events, such as large-scale international events, conferences, and seminars. You can use the Ongoeul Hall by dividing it into three medium-sized banquet halls according to the size and characteristics of the event. Moreover, thanks to its being immediately adjacent to other separate small-sized banquet halls, you can also hold separate events simultaneously in this area of the hotel.

  • weddingThe most radiant day of your life
  • meetingThe elegant banquet halls in various sizes