Hotel Hyundai Gyeongju, which has established itself as one of Gyeongju's top luxury hotels since its opening in July, 1992, will be reborn on April 30, 2020 as Lahan Select Gyeongju, the topmost-tier brand of Lahan Hotels.

A place where you can experience the four seasons and cultural heritage of the ancient capital city of Gyeongju, A place where you can truly relax and rest in nature against the backdrop of Bomun Lake, A place where you can further enrich your trip with a range of lifestyle programs and new experiences, Lahan Select Gyeongju provides you with hyper-luxurious experiences that will make your Gyeongju trip both joyful and unforgettable.


A day at Lahan Select Gyeongju is much more than simply taking in the beautiful scenery of Bomun Lake. From the F&B restaurant to indoor and outdoor swimming pools for families to leisure facilities and to deluxe banquet and wedding services, a truly wide range of experiences and stories that cannot be fully unlocked on a short stay await you at Lahan Select Gyeongju.


Guest rooms that have reinterpreted traditional Korean elegance into their modern, stylish interiors and the Suite Lounge, which can be accessed free of charge by all suite guests, provide comfort and leisurely relaxation, even to those new to and unfamiliar with the city of Gyeongju.

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The buffet restaurant “The Plate”, which boasts of panoramic views of Bomun Lake, and the select dining “Market 338”, which was designed with an European food market theme, offer differentiated gastronomic experiences.

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The indoor and outdoor swimming pool facilities for families are guaranteed to make your stay an unforgettable experience with their beautiful views of Bomun Lake. Enjoy unique leisure activities at the bowling alley “Lahan The Strike” and at “Lahan Wonderland,” a kids’ lounge that is divided into a play zone and an indoor skating rink.

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With meticulous attention to detail and a revamped wedding hall that creates an elegant atmosphere, Lahan Select Gyeongju will make your wedding an unforgettable moment in your life.

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Lahan Select Gyeongju is located in front of the beautiful Bomun Lake, a treasure of the 1,000-year-old city of Gyeongju.
338, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
+82.54.748.2233 (호텔 문의)
      +82.54.779.7303 (웨딩 문의)
      +82.2.2204.9600 (연회 및 단체 행사 문의)
KTX Singyeongju-station
Taxi (35minutes, about 25,000won), Bus 700 (1hours)
Gyeongju Station
Taxi (20 minuites, about 9,600won)

Bus (from gyeongju post office station) 10, 16, 18, 100-1, 150-1, 700 (30minites)
Seogyeongju Station
Taxi (20minutes, about 12,000won)