Coffee shop

‘Sara’ is the ancient word for ‘heart’ in the Silla
Dynasty. Sara is a coffee shop with a clear view
of Bomun Lake through the windows and
a beautiful artificial waterfall.


Relax and enjoy tea at Sara, a coffee shop that offers a panoramic view of Bomun Lake and the artificial waterfall.

Sara creates a comfortable mood with beautiful view and the luxurious interior design.

The trendiest brunch and dinner are cooked with utmost sincerity using only the best ingredients for customers.

  • Hours of operation are subject to change.

Sara presents premium brewed coffee beans as well as a variety of teas and fresh healthy juices, along with simple meals.

BakeryThe shop

The smell of freshly baked goods from The Shop
every morning. Enjoy high-quality baked goods
carefully prepared by the bakery chef, as well as
a range of groceries and wines.