Lahan Select Gyeongju provides unforgettable experiences with its varied facilities.


Lahan Select Gyeongju's indoor pool, which is divided into a kids' pool and an adult pool, and the outdoor pool, which boasts of views of Bomun Lake, are one-of-a-kind spaces for water entertainment that can only be found at Lahan Select Gyeongju. The jacuzzi facility keeps its water heated throughout the year and is equipped with cabanas and a snack bar, providing visitors with the opportunity to heal amid the surrounding nature.

Gyeongju Stroll

A lifestyle space that is part bookstore and part café, Gyeongju Stroll offers a wide range of carefully curated books that cater to the tastes of various customers, as well as design props, collaborative artwork exhibitions and Gyeongju Stroll 's signature food and beverage menu items. Gyeongju Stroll also holds a variety of cultural events for locals and guests of Lahan Select Gyeongju, such as book concerts, lectures by writers, and small music concerts.


Wonderland is divided into a play zone which houses various spaces for physical activities—such as a ball pool and a block play space—and an indoor skating rink that provides skating fun throughout the year. Wonderland is guaranteed to give your children special memories and expand their dreams and imagination.

The Strike

Equipped with an outdoor deck overlooking Bomun Lake as well as a relaxing rest area, the five-lane bowling alley The Strike offers an extraordinary leisure experience. Get yourself into a party mood by bowling or playing darts, with beer and light beverages at The Strike, which boasts of a modern interior with stylish lighting and facilities.

Suite Lounge

Enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Bomun in the Lahan Select's suite lounge, decorated with marble and modern furniture, creating a luxurious and warm atmosphere.


With its luxurious interior, the men's and women's sauna offers a wide range of facilities including a relaxing bath, a private shower and powder room. Relax your daily fatigue at the Lahan Select's Sauna, which boasts optimal temperature, water quality and pleasant facilities.


Take a break from your fatigue at the sauna with natural lights streaming in. The bathtubs are finished with jade stones for relaxation and skincare. The sauna is also equipped with a dry sauna and steam room, and multi-functional showers.

  • Bomun Tourist Complex

    This is the heart of Gyeongju that is
    visited by many tourists, offering a beautiful
    view year-round and presenting spectacular
    scenery with cherry trees.

    Image source - Gyeongju-si
  • Bulguksa

    Enjoy the national treasures Dabotap and
    Seokgatap at the World Heritage Bulguksa
    Temple blossoming like the lotus of Asadal.

    Image source - KOGL
  • Cheomseongdae

    Cheomseongdae, displaying its elegant curves,
    is the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia,
    with convergence of brilliant architecture and science.

    Image source - KOGL
  • Jusangjeolli Cliff Observatory

    Jusangjeolli Cliff, an artwork sculptured by nature,
    displays heavenly beauty in harmony with
    the view of clear blue East Sea (Donghae).

    Image source - KOGL
  • Yangdong Village

    Yangdong Village, which is preserved intact just as
    it had been in the old Joseon Dynasty, appeals
    to visitors with a harmony of beautiful
    nature and old houses.

    Image source - KOGL
  • Royal Tomb of King Muyeol

    Feel the enterprising spirit of the Silla people
    and Hwarang at the Royal Tomb of King Muyeol
    who laid the groundwork for the unification of
    the Three Kingdoms.

    Image source - KOGL
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